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About the Discussion Group

This discussion group exchanges comments and articles that are relevant, directly or indirectly, to a future Arctic, free of nuclear weapons.  Content, for example, could relate to:-  climate change as related to broadly defined security, nuclear-weapon-free-zones, and human security for the new Arctic.  Members send relevant articles in the media or on the web  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Arctic NWFZ


An Arctic-Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone: Circumpolar Non-Nuclear Weapons States Must Originate Negotiation [PDF]

Adele Buckley, Michigan State International Law Review

The Problem of Nuclear Weapons and What To Do About It. [PDF]

Ramesh Thakur

United Nations' Third Preparatory Committee for the 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons [PDF]

Canadian Pugwash Panel Discussions

Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, Current Proposals [PDF]

Adele Buckley

The (Russian) Arctic is open for business

Ernie Regehr DISARMING ARCTIC SECURITY, for the Simons Foundation

Policy Imperatives for an Arctic NWFZ May 2013

Buckley - NNWS could lead the way to an ANWFZ

Michael Byers

Ernie Regehr

Thomas S. Axworthy

Adele Buckley

A Nordic-Canadian nuclear-weapon free zone

Thomas Axworthy

Canadian Pugwash Forum 2, Nov 14, 2010

Buckley, Wallace

Now is the time ... Hot Planet, Cold Wars [PowerPoint]

Adele Buckley

A Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Arctic

Buckley, Dallaire, Simpson, Wallace

Arctic Governance

Adele Buckley

Circumpolar Conference Resolution on Nuclear Free Zone in the Arctic

ICC, 1983, 984

Let's get nuclear weapons out of the Arctic

Wallace, Staples

United Nations Civil Society Forum on Nuclear Weapon Free Zones


Increase Security Cooperation: Report


Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons


An Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Why is now the time?

Phyllis Creighton

Russia and Canada Partners in the North

Michael Byers

Unleashing the human potential in Canada's north

Michael Byers

We still don't have a northern strategy

Franklyn Griffiths

Toward a Nuclear-Free Arctic

Adele Buckley

Cooperate in the Artic

Michael Byers

Establishing a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone in the Arctic

Adele Buckley

An Arctic Nuclear Weapon Free Zone

Michael Wallace

Conference on an Arctic Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone, Copenhagen, Aug. 2009

conference report

A Much-Needed Anti-Nuclear Cheer

Ramesh Thakur

Problems of Artic Security in the 21st Century

Adele Buckley

Arctic Security in the 21st Century Conference Report

Vancouver, BC April 11-12, 2008

Build an Arctic Gateway for the World

Michael Byers, 26 November 2007

Military and Nuclear Issues - Arctic Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone

CPG, 24 August 2007